Sex Lives of Australian Women

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From the publisher:

"Thousands of women, aged 19 to 70, have shared their most intimate and sexual emotional stories.

Sex is everywhere, yet we rarely discuss our own intimate experiences. Even our lovers often don't know our secret histories or desires — until now. Australian women believe that an active sex life is vital to their sense of wellbeing, but we still see sex as something that's a bit dirty, a bit naughty, a bit embarrassing. We rarely compare notes about what we do in the bedroom. Who knows if their behaviour, physical responses and emotions is something we have in common with our friends and neighbours?

Joan Sauers created a forum in which Australian women could share their darkest secrets, their desires, fears and furtive dreams and speak their minds about sex and sexuality. The anonymous online survey attracted nearly two thousand responses, from women of all ages, living in every state and territory in the country. They were straight, bi and lesbian; single, dating, married, divorced and widowed; childless women, mothers and grandmothers.

This is a book for anyone interested in sexual behaviour and attitudes — men as well as women — and a book for women who don't always feel comfortable talking to their friends or sisters or mums about a subject that matters so much to all of us."

- Published in 2008
- 342 pages
- ISBN: 9781741668650

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