Nymph Vibrator - Par Femme


Nymph Vibrator

The three rotating fingertips of Nymph vibrate, circulates and stimulates your most sensitive parts. Nymph can be used for caressing the nipples, stimulating the clitoris and helping more blood flow to the genital area, massaging the perineum, teasing the testis and any other foreplay you can think of.

The opposite end features a soft and flexible rounded head with a strong built-in vibration motor which can be used externally or internally.

  • USB rechargeable
  • Multi use- two ends for different sensations
  • Made from eco-friendly, body-safe silicone
  • 5 vibration modes, 5 speeds, 3 Grasping modes
  • Waterproof
  • 90 minutes battery life between charges