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Pillo Position Wedge

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Frantically reaching around the bed in search of an extra cushion to support a hard-to-execute new sex position is a tremendously efficient mood killer. Dame heard your collective, frustrated prayers and that’s how their first-ever non-vibrating bed pal, the Pillo, came into existence. 

Blending seamlessly into your surroundings, the good-looking pleasure enhancer will gently support you through any fun and flexi ideas you’re bringing to the bedroom (or whatever pocket of the house you end up in). 

The sex pillow is soft to touch yet structurally firm, meaning it can also be used in the traditional pillow sense, and is cute enough to be put on parade as an ornamental bed/couch cushion. 

  • The Pillo has removable covers that are easy to wash
  • Grabbable handles allow for easy carrying and quick maneuvering 
  • Comes in a sleek, discreet duffle bag 
  • Measures: 15’’ L x 18’’ W x 7’’ H