This Might Answer Your G-Spot Questions

by Tammi Ireland


Since first hearing about the G-spot, women have been on the search to find it and switch. It. On. However, it’s never actually been scientifically proven to exist, despite many people claiming to have experienced heightened pleasure in the area.

Named after German gynecologist, Ernst Gräfenberg, the alleged G-spot is a highly erogenous area of the vagina that can bring incomparable pleasure when stimulated. It’s located at the front of the vaginal wall, between the vaginal opening and the urethra. If a partner were to face you, insert their two fingers into your vagina, and make a “come hither” motion, you might feel them pushing on your G-spot. Whether they’d be pressing on your prostate, an extension of your clitoris, or simply vaginal tissue is still a topic of debate.

While some studies have shown the existence of the G-spot to be subjective between women*, others have shown, through ultrasound, that the G-spot could be real.** What researchers can agree on is that women who are unable to reach orgasm through vaginal and/or G-spot stimulation are not dysfunctional. Without conclusive evidence to support that the G-spot exists, there’s no reason for women to feel abnormal if they’re unable to find it—but there’s no reason we can’t have fun looking, right?

Digitally stimulating the front wall of your vagina can be incredibly pleasurable. Try continuing the come hither motion as above, this time alternating the fingers to speed up the process and intensify your pleasure. Looking for more? Invest in a toy with a curved end to stimulate the area without much effort from your arms, fingers, or mind. Whether you reach orgasm using your G-spot or not, we promise you’ll feel good trying.

*Ashton Acton (2012). Issues in Sexuality and Sexual Behavior Research: 2011 Edition. ScholarlyEditions. ISBN 1464966877.

**Buss, David M.; Meston, Cindy M. (2009). Why Women Have Sex: Understanding Sexual Motivations from Adventure to Revenge (and Everything in Between). Macmillan. pp. 35–36. ISBN 1429955228.

—Tammi Ireland

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Tammi Ireland
Tammi Ireland

Tammi Ireland is a Sydney-based sex educator who explores relationships and sensuality via BARE Sexology.