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It’s come to my attention that nipples are being criminally underserved in the bedroom (or your location of choice). More than a year ago, I wrote my first vibrator review—the Jil Olivia—and mentioned that it was equally fun on those other two erogenous zones. But the glow of my first Par Femme publication was short-lived when a friend replied with, "On your nipples? I’ve never thought of doing that!"

Reader, I was shocked. I’m all about getting familiar with your own body, after all. But since then, whenever I’ve had a conversation about pleasure, the ghosts of all the nipples around me make themselves known. 

As the owner of a fairly sensitive pair, I’m all for people exploring all avenues to nipple-forward pleasure. As somebody who gets periods, I can also attest to extra sensitivity around that time of month: All the better for getting creative if you’re feeling frisky but not in the right headspace for period sex

Of course, some people just straight-out hate nipple play, and that’s totally fine. Others are fine with some aspects, like manual stimulation, but draw the line at others, such as sucking or licking. 

If you’re a nipple novice who just got a little more curious, here is a primer. (And, as always, a caveat: You know your body. Honour it.) 

Get slick

Everyone should be using more lube, all the time. That applies equally to nipples as it does to everywhere else. Get slick, stroke your nipples or have your partner get their hands comfortable. Using a body-safe massage candle (the wax doesn’t get as hot as traditional candle wax) is another way of incorporating deeper, more sensual touching into your repertoire. 

Sucker love 

Nipple suckers are rubber cups that create a seal around the areolas as you work them over, alternating between the suction and the release. The stimulation causes nipples to swell as the pleasure builds, not unlike a clitoris

Frost yourself

No, not How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (I could write that article really easily, though). Running an ice cube over your nips is a surefire way to get them erect and ready for a hungry touch. And that’s why you’re still reading, right?

Back to basics

You don’t need props for a truly good time (though taking a small vibrator like the Nalone Ian Bullet to your nipples can't hurt). Tracing the areolas to build up anticipation, light nibbles, firmer bites and taut tongues, delivered over a lengthy squish session to delay gratification, can all result in fireworks when you’re done. 

On the topic of pleasure, have you met our Melt by We-Vibe clitoral massager?

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