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I have large hands for a lady, often referred to as “man-like”, and I work with these hands daily in my job as a florist. They are strong, capable and assuring. As such, I’ve never had the need for much assistance when it comes to masturbating. (That, and my vagina is more sensitive than a hormonal girl during mercury retrograde.)

The We-Vibe Tango is not intimidating in the slightest—small in size and simple in design, it is instead what some would refer to as discreet. They say good things come in small packages and this nifty bed pal proves that to be true—it may be small and sweet, but the Tango certainly packs a titillating punch. With 8 speeds to choose from, it has the range to cover most needs and desires, and I was surprised (and thrilled) to find that I could venture past the first setting.

Like introducing two pets to one another—one being the Tango and other being my boyfriend—I wanted to make sure each felt included in the process of (my) pleasure. To help them get acquainted, I let my ever-enthusiastic partner take control of our new friend Tango. While we didn’t make it past the first speed, as we became a bit too engaged in the moment, it was a nice shared experience. For us personally, though, probably not a necessary bedroom ingredient. 

To make sure I was able to deliver an accurate and well-rounded review of the Tango, a solo go was in order. A pinch of quiet time allowed me to examine my new friend a little closer. I quickly discovered that it's not a coincidence the Tango shaped like a lipstick—the tip is indeed for the same purpose. And, while the first speed is nice and consistent, the gentle slow-to-fast pace is where is at. All in all, this little pocket rocket is pure good vibrations. 

— Anonymous 

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