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My first-ever dalliance with a sex toy happens to be in reviewing the Svakom Nymph. Designed for couples, the Nymph and I met just as I was getting nice and comfy in my role as a single lady. Happy to be recently single, overjoyed by the new potential to pleasure myself, but nonetheless tasked with reviewing a couple’s toy. In the enduring words of Alanis Morissette, isn’t it ironic… don’t you think? The silky pink vibrator made its timely entrance into my life just as I was coming to terms with the underwhelming reality of men who do not prioritise your pleasure.  

There are two ends to the Nymph, the round head and the three-pronged “fingers”. The former vibrates via three different settings and can be used internally or externally. Using it on your clit is quite intense and feels great—the consistency of the vibrations can lead to a super quick orgasm or a more drawn-out moment. The fingers make the experience really interesting. This end is to be used wherever fingers would normally venture—clit, lips, nipples, the tip of the penis, testicles. The fingers also have three speed settings, which I haven’t utilised as much as on the head of the Nymph. This end is awkward to manoeuvre, but if you find an angle and a rhythm it’s worthwhile. Whichever end you are using, Nymph is really easy to hold. If both ends are on, the intensity of the vibration increases, which feels amazing, but is loud, which is especially pertinent information for those living in shared quarters. 

My plan was to familiarise myself with the Nymph first (^), and then approach one of the hotties in my dating app inbox to really test out its efficacy as a couple’s vibrator. There’s no guidebook for this, but I figured I’d have to have sex with my Bumble buddy of the minute maybe twice before I could ask them if I could introduce the third player. This would no doubt feel uncomfortable, but I was excited about the prospect of making someone else excited. Allowing them the privilege of being the first person to use a toy on me. Lol, totally naïve. 

J was vanilla. Spending no time warming me up, he never even looked at my clit. Out. P and I had sex three times. On all three occasions I had to prompt him to help me cum. Nope. I often imagined A while masturbating and asked if he’d be willing to give it a go. He had also never used toys. He was keen. But then we had an intense argument about a political issue and I never saw him again. These aren’t even the worst experiences, but I was looking for someone I trusted and whose sexual experience pivoted on mine. If I kept waiting, I’d never get this review in. 

It became some sick joke that I began to fill the pleasure hole left by the guys I was screwing with the silky vibrations of the Nymph. I began to use it daily, looked forward to it, left my bedroom, or the shower, buzzing.

I still look forward to introducing a third to this magic. But for now, the Nymph will more than suffice.

Regardless of your relationship status, shop Nymph here

— Anonymous

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