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by Moaner Lisa

Meet Keri: a vibrator by Svakom, a multi-award-winning toy brand powered by insight from real women.

Technically, Keri is a clitoral stimulator. But this is 2018—a multi-hyphenate identity is paramount. And so, Keri is a slashie like you and I—she works the clit and the G-Spot.

Our anthropomorphic vibrator is hyper-smooth to touch. (She’s constructed from hyper-soft silicone that’s been rigorously tested, after all.) Upon pressing the semi-arched head to your clit, you may cycle through five vibration modes. Svakom has elected to call these Normal, Caressing, Joyous, Passionate and Climax. Those names aren’t inaccurate; they just happen to sound like an Enrique Iglesias song. Given the chance, I’d have called them Nice!, Wow!, Hot!, Yesss! and Bonkers! The point is, you have options.

And then, more options. When working with any particular setting, there exists an intensity scale of 1-5. This might mean low-key Caressing or full throttle Joyous—really, whatever you like! Keeping with the clit, I make it to 3-level intensity using Passionate mode. I climax easily, which impresses me.

Let’s go deeper.

The debate about the existence of the G-spot is almost as popular as the one about keeping Vegemite in the fridge or the pantry (the correct answer is pantry). I myself have never orgasmed from penetration only, and 75% of women share in this injustice. Does that make the G-spot fictional, or is it just not yet unlocked, like a level in a game?

This particular game involves begrudgingly moving Keri from my clit (the pushover) to penetration (the resistor). This is where the semi-arched head really shines, curving slightly upward to hug the G-spot (or the place where folklore says a G-spot resides.)

Two really great features of Keri are her slim shaft (she can even be used internally whilst a partner is inside of you—fun for hun and you) and strategic vibrations, which are all localised to her head. This keeps the pleasure focused. It also keeps your hand from going numb.

Given my disobedient insensitive vagina, I sprint eagerly through all five modes, the last of which I enjoy for almost ten minutes, turned all the way up to level five. There, the vibrations are thick, powerful, satisfying. I can ascend no further, but I twist Keri from side to side, maneuvering the curved tip to and fro. It feels very, very good, and I have no complaints to file.

I do not come, but I come close to coming. I’ll pursue penetration again soon; next time without fawning over the clit (so spoiled is my clit).

The clinical but impressive details:
  • Keri has a battery capacity of 200 mAh.
  • Keri will last for 2 hours on a single charge of about 1 hour. Its USB charging cable is teeny tiny pinhole-sized.
  • Keri has one button, which is very simple to use. Press and hold the S button for two seconds to turn on/off; single-click the S button to switch intensities; double-click the S button to switch vibration modes.
  • Keri is whisper-quiet, at under 50 decibels. 
  • Keri has five different vibrating modes with five intensities for each mode. In total it has 25 different selections.
  • Keri is waterproof and is made from eco-friendly, body-safe silicone.

Shop Keri here

—Moaner Lisa
Moaner Lisa
Moaner Lisa

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