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I’m drinking a glass of wine as I write this, reminiscing about my fling with the Je Joue Mimi. Because, you see, the one thing that most vibrators lack—loathe as I am to admit it—is a sense of romance.

Je Joue sees it a little differently. Nestled in a black box that looks like it could house some offensively sparkly jewellery, the Mimi is a sight for sore eyes on the first unwrapping. It’s an external stimulator—small, smooth and firm, with rounded edges like a stone you’d try to skip across water. The motor has deep, broad rumbles, and—in a win for easy-come-easy-go girls—it starts low and slow, steadily working up as you feel the need.

Using it requires a little more creativity than a rabbit or wand style, but we’re all for thinking outside the box. Angling the tip provides more targeted stimulation for those who need pinpoint vibration, and the sides and flat surfaces deliver broader emanations that resonate in and out. Some awkward wrist positioning lead to early trial and error, but once I settled in the results were unmistakable: powerful orgasms summoned with a press of your thumb.

To get things started, a magnetic USB charger hovers at the button panel on the base, setting off a blinking light that stops once it’s fully juiced. Clamping down on the plus button turns it on, and continuous pluses or minuses control the intensity. The middle button—a wiggly symbol—flicks through seven different pulse patterns. If I had a criticism of the Mimi, it’s that the buttons aren’t clearly identifiable by touch alone, meaning that you could be reducing intensity when you mean to ramp it up. It’s easily fixed, though, so any suggestion of blue tubes is quickly avoided.

I can’t overstate how much I appreciate the low whisper speed it starts on, meaning you’re not at risk of a too-quick, phoned-in orgasm. The Mimi is designed for a slow burn, for when you’ve put on an LP and found a well-thumbed copy of Anaïs Nin. And, when you’re ready to take things up a notch? There are five notches to play with.

But back to the romance. Mimi is a mood-setter; an acme of sensuality. It purrs softly but surely. It beckons amorously from its box. The hand-feel is lush—a quick touch comparison with other silicone toys proves that it’s unusually silky—and it’s something you’ll enjoy on your own as much as you’ll want to share it with a partner. Play, experiment, immerse yourself in its charms: it’s a versatile toy that takes your pleasure seriously.

As for housekeeping: it’s body safe, and easily cleaned with a silicone-friendly toy cleaner. And—one of the best things about it—an hour of charge gives you two hours of use. That’s uncommonly long, and I for one am thrilled.

Purchase a Je Joue Mimi Massager for yourself here

— Tabitha Laffernis

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