Pleasure Centre: Perlesque's Clio Love Balls - Par Femme

Ben Wa balls. Kegel balls. Love balls. Whatever the name, these jangling metal balls encased in either silicone, rubber, or plastic conjure confusion. Or at least they did in me. Are they a pelvic floor strengthener or a sex toy? Turns out, a bit of both. Especially at a wedding.

The tasteful and unassuming packaging that the Clio Love Balls were presented in was an instant thrill. The toy comes in a grey holder with pink lettering, care instructions, and a grey cotton pouch for storage. It was the ultimate un-boxing. I was ready to treat myself and gain some killer pelvic floor strength in the process.

Cut like a diamond, the textured, grey silicone balls are held together with a silicone string or band, making the whole product safe and easy to clean. Built more for beginners, inserting the balls was a breeze, and, at 55 grams, there was no chance of dropping them. Once inserted, they were snug as a tampon, and a lot more pleasurable.

They work like this: placing the balls in your vagina makes you want to clench. Clenching makes blood rush to the area. Suddenly, you're not just practicing your PC strengthening—you’re enjoying it. Once inserted, I set about doing housework and was surprised to find the metal balls inside the silicone balls were noticeably jiggling. Next minute, I was swivelling my hips as I vacuumed, keen to keep the sensation.

If your pelvic floor muscles are already strong, or you're accustomed to accommodating objects in the area, you might find that keeping the love balls inserted for a very long time will see your vagina get a little too accustomed to them. You’ll still be exercising those all-important pelvic floor muscles, but the complementary thrill may become the norm. So be wise about your wear.

Try wearing Kegel balls around the house to see how your body reacts before venturing out. Once you’re ready, definitely leave the house. If you’re feeling really adventurous (as I was), try attending a wedding. Clenching in public combined with the mental stimulation of knowing you’re harbouring a secret is one of the best ways to experience the pleasure side of the sex toy. The weight of the balls is more perceptible in public, psychologically speaking, so stimulation is heightened. If you find it easy to orgasm through imagination and subtle sensation alone, you’ll really enjoy yourself. If, like me, your vagina is less sensitive and more senile, it won’t be mind-blowingly hot. But itwill be great foreplay. Naturally, the toys act as a great sex aid in the bedroom. You only need to yank on the string repetitively to experience the full potential of the product’s more orgasmic side.

Wear the toys for just a few days and you’ll almost definitely notice an improvement in your clenching abilities, which will mean stronger orgasms and a more intimate relationship with your pussy, in all its tight and powerful glory.

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