Pleasure Centre: Perlesque's Ara G-Spot Massager

In our collective quest to direct pleasure to the clitoris with various sex toys, the G-spot can often go overlooked. A great shame, considering little compares to the intense, rambling effects of an internal orgasm, brought on by the masterful moves of a vibrating play pal.

The Ara’s hum is discreet and therefore ideal for those who share a home with family, friends, or quasi-strangers and harbour (very real) fears that their pleasure pursuits might be overheard. The design is both functional and chic, sitting at a relatively modest 14cm by 3.5cm. Made from non-porous, body-friendly materials, the Ara is pleasing to touch, its vibrations are subtle and nuanced, and a climax comes with ease. The Ara is also fully rechargeable, meaning you’ll never have to dash to the convenience store to purchase batteries, inconveniently, mid-masturbation, again.

Waterproof, Ara is the perfect toy to take along to your next shower, but can be enjoyed in any pocket of the house you choose—this is your fantasy, not ours! Light your favourite candle and get to know Ara’s seven functions a little more intimately, be it alone or with company. As with any good massage, the effects of Ara are intensified with the aid of lubrication. If pleasure is your goal, Ara is your tool.

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