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Pluck a clever, peripherally observant, and beautiful woman from the world. Literally any part of the world—far or near, rich or rare, physical or internet. A skyward follower count is not a determinant for selection. Ask her a set of questions that invite a discussion of sexuality, sensuality, modern feminism, career, and creativity, explored through her very personal lens. Have her answer them. And there you have it: that’s In Touch, a Par Femme segment, assembled, for you, with pleasure. Par Femme speaks to Brooklyn-based NSFW collage artistScientwehst, about seduction, her work, and her fetish for veiny hands. 

How do you spend your time?

I usually spend my time with close friends or being creative alone. As much as you may see me out, I like more intimate settings or outdoor activities.

Have you always worked with collage? How did you start?
No—I’m actually terrible at collaging with paper but I never really gave myself much time for progression. I was drawn to Photoshop because you could edit and manipulate quickly, so I did a lot of trial and error projects before honing the work I do now.

What drew you to porn as a medium?

Watching and engaging with porn was always considered taboo, still is, but I've always liked dissecting why things are considered taboo in the first place. I knew it would elicit a response from people, and I knew people who were drawn to my work would eventually want to know more about it. It was a great conversation starter. Working with pornographic collages eventually led me to work with porn performers and filming porn.

What do you think about Instagram’s nudity policy?
I think most people agree that it’s ridiculous. But also, my work wouldn’t be what it is today without it. I guess it’s a love/hate relationship at this point.

What are some things, tangible and intangible, you find sexy?
I’ve always had a hand fetish. Long, thick, veiny, strong hands are incredibly sexy to me. Even more sexy if he's graceful with them. I think I actually dated a dude once because I was so attracted to his hands. I find confidence without arrogance to be really sexy, too. That BDE, but make it humble, guys.

What do you do to keep your mind/body stimulated?
I’ve been working out and eating healthier, which I believe to be both mind and body-stimulating. Recently, I’ve been trying to learn how to paint. I’m not very good but I want to continue to challenge myself creatively even if it looks like shit at first.

How important is sex to you?
Lately sex hasn’t been super important to me. I think it’s because, when I first moved to NYC, I was so distracted by how sexy and beautiful everyone was and I wasn’t focused on creating deeper, more meaningful relationships with men. I got burnt out. I haven’t dated anyone in like five years, but if I were to be in a relationship, sex would be extremely important to me.

When do you feel pure pleasure?
I feel pure pleasure when I am somewhere aesthetically beautiful.

What’s a good uniform for seduction?
I don’t really feel like clothing has much to do with seduction. I’ve been able to pull the hottest men without any sort of uniform. Dumbfounded, I realized over time that seduction comes from being confident and knowing what you want. Body language is key, and it works!

Do you have a favourite sensual scene from a film or book?
This scene from L’homme qui ment.

You describe your work as “brazenly feminine.” Who are some women you would describe the same way?
I think I would consider all of my friends brazenly feminine!

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Par Femme
Par Femme

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