Thrilling Film Scenes Dripping In Sex

There’s something exquisitely compelling about erotic thrillers. Where notions of craving the body and attacking it collide, a new kind of magic reveals itself.
There’s a primal quality to the allure of these films, definitely, but also one drenched in the kind of fetishism you’re not sure suits you. (At what point did choking become a part of my sexual lexicon? Those shrill screams are weirdly... hot. Gosh, do I even like the taste of blood? Where are my hands?) But you like it. Oh, you like it.

Many cult classics traverse this thrills-on-thrills territory—provocateur supreme and twice-included on this list, Robert De Palma is one such auteur who’s honed an alluring recipe. He points out, “So much of shooting sex scenes in movies you see are naked people sort of humping each other on a bed, shot in the most unflattering way just because they happen to be naked and mimicking making love." Truly. And duly, we've left out anything concerning overt humping.

In the spirit of Halloween, enter a realm of decadence with some of our favourite De Palma and non-De Palma erotic thrillers. Thrust yourself deeper into the mood with something from the hypnotic buffet below.

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