Interview by Melissa Kenny
Photography by Elle-Louise Burguez

'We are incredible, if we allow ourselves to be the flowers that we are – soft yet strong, feminine yet masculine.'  

Being present, being woke, exercising self-care: this triad of terms at times feels overworked; a little buzzy. However, Australian artist, occasional writer and natural beauty Elle-Louise Burguez makes a terribly convincing case for their validity: she’s a deep thinker who subsists purposefully. ELB spoke with us about sensual literature, her exclusive prints for Par Femme and her ideal uniform for seduction.

Can we get the Elle-Louise Burguez elevator pitch?

I make different paintings and drawings with either pencils, oil pastels or acrylic paints. Sometimes I write as well. Lately I have been using lovely paper and also canvas.

How did your exclusive series for Par Femme come to be?

These pieces are my ode to women. I have spent so many years comparing myself to other girls and feeling as if it is all just one big vain competition.

Thankfully, as I've matured and befriended  beautiful women that are soulful and some that have given birth, I've come to realise that supporting and adoring each other is so important. We are incredible, if we allow ourselves to be the flowers that we are – soft yet strong, feminine yet masculine.  

A lot of us feel insecure way too often and I think living from a place of love and not fear will help heal the modern world's unfulfilling and unrealistic search for perfection. I love the 'animal' in humans and the sensual shapes that make up a woman's body.

When are where do you feel most beautiful?

I feel most beautiful when I am laughing, the sun is on my face and when I am in the ocean.

Your Instagram reveals that you have a strong relationship with your home. How important is your habitat with respects to; a) creating and; b) your sense of self?

My current home is surrounded by trees and lots of musical birds. I need the sounds of nature around me when creating otherwise I can't relax and get into my magic zone. I also have realised that It is best for me when I have a studio to work from and I can just go back and forth when I please to a fixed creative space. 

I am actually feeling a bit lost and not 100% content in my current town... I am longing for a more stimulating place to live. Hopefully somewhere in either Spain or France very soon.

What are some things – obvious and obscure – you find sexy?

A sense of humour, laughing, natural scents, a well-read person, long sleeve tees on my boyfriend, the naked body, hair messily falling over a beautiful face, flushed cheeks, Spanish Guitar, the way someone uses their hands for everyday things...

Specifically (and outside of art exclusively) why do you think women enjoy art and photography that focuses on the female body?

I think there is a positive and negative to this. I have discussed with my girlfriends recently that with the rise of social media over the past decade, we have started to look at thousands of images a day – the majority of them being of women!

This is negative when someone starts to constantly compare themselves to every image they see. 

But there is a positive and that is our gravitation towards womanly power; the 'girl boss' if you will. We are celebrating women and therefore celebrating and learning to love ourselves. I also think I personally am more drawn to the female form because I am a female... but this doesn't mean I don't adore a man's form as well.

What’s a good uniform for seduction?

A pure sense of self-love and an air of playfulness. Just enough confidence to feel like a lioness.

You mentioned writing. What kinds of things do you like write? 

I have written a few children's books which I really enjoy because you can just let go and be very simple and child-like. It is fun. 

Last year I spent 9 months driving through Europe with my partner. I kept a journal which I have turned into a book entitled 'Honeyed Stories'. I love writing in a very honest way about how ridiculous I can be in life: whether it be my fears, my romantic imagination or just something embarrassing I did. There is a very special feeling that overcomes me when I write personal stories and I can't wait to share them... the time just has to be right.

Do you have any favourite passages from books or poems that relate to sensuality or sexuality? 

Anaïs Nin’s sensual writer reaches me more than any other. Here is one passage I loved: 
'So was Venus born of the sea with this little kernel of salty honey in her, which only caresses could bring out of the hidden recesses of her body.'


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