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8 thrilling film scenes dripping in sex

8 THRILLING FILM SCENES DRIPPING IN SEX There’s something exquisitely compelling about erotic thrillers. Where notions of craving the body and attacking it collide, a new kind of magic reveals itself. There’s a primal quality to the allure of these films, definitely, but also one drenched in the kind of fetishism you’re not sure suits you. (At what point did choking become a part of my sexual lexicon? Those shrill screams are weirdly... hot. Gosh, do I even like the taste of blood?  Where are my hands?) But you like it. Oh, you like it.  Many cult classics traverse this thrills-on-thrills territory—provocateur supreme and twice-included on this list, Robert De Palma is one such auteur who’s honed an alluring recipe. He points...

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Par Femme Book Club #1: Melissa Kenny

Welcome to the first instalment of Par Femme Book Club: a ~safe space~ for well-read women to reveal the titillating, back-arching, lascivious literature that's been ruling their worlds. We're kicking things off with our staff writer, Mel Kenny, who names sincere poems, a silly picture book and buck-wild, era-spanning illustrations among her current favourites. 1. 'Erotica Universalis' by Giles Neret (1997)A wicked bible of sorts. This 573-page compendium of erotic artwork traverses the Adam and Eve era through to more contemporary fornication. The work of Rembrandt and Picasso coalesces with Dalí and Matisse, and themes range from very absurd (for example fucking atop a horse, one partner poised on big toe) to very childish (a haphazard line drawing of a woman, hands threaded through gargantuan penis-shaped...

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