Par Femme Edits: The Language of Silk

Silk speaks a universal language of lust. It's your skin’s ultimate craving, a decadent backdrop to your private endeavours, a certifiable seduction tool...

Glide on in to shop the edit. BYO candles and mood-making music.

Welcome to Par Femme Edits #2. With pleasure.

1. Ginia - Chemise with Delicate Straps

2. Tylynn Nguyen - Calla Slip Dress in Black

3. Ginia - Silk V-neck Chemise

4. Tylynn Nguyen - Call Slip Dress in Bordeaux

5. Ginia - Silk Chemise with Lace

6. Tylynn Nguyen - Call Slip Dress in Olive

7. LELO - Etherea Silk Cuffs