Par Femme Edits: Feeling Peachy

Peach – the unofficial sponsor of gentle curves, a soft touch, a sweet centre…

These products invite solo satisfaction or intimate time with a partner – either way, indulgence is key. Form and function intermingle for treats that look as good as they feel.

Welcome to the first instalment of Par Femme Edits. A curation of product, with love, for you.

1. SIGNATURE by Marika Vera - Patricia Sport Bra

2. SIGNATURE by Marika Vera - Patricia Bikini

3. SIGNATURE by Marika Vera - Guilmant Bodysuit

4. Tylynn Nguyen - Rose Quartz Cami

5. Tylynn Nguyen - Rose Quartz Knicker

6. Tylynn Nguyen - Rose Quartz Robe



Par Femme Edits: The Language of Silk


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